Making pots
I. Fill in the blanks:

  1. Pots are made from clay. 2. Potter uses trowel to dig clay.
  2. Potter uses potter’s wheel to shape his pots.
  3. After drying the pots they are heated in kiln to make them
  4. The person who makes pots is called Potter. 6. We light diyas on Diwali.
    II. Answer the following questions:
  5. What is pottery?
    Ans: The art of making pots is known as pottery.
  6. Who is a potter?
    Ans: A potter is a person who makes pots.
  7. What are the different methods of pot making?
    Ans: a). Pinch method
    b) coil method
    c) Wheel method
    d) slab method
  8. What things did the potter need to make pots?
    Ans: Clay, water, potter’s wheel ans kiln
  9. We often keep water in a clay pot at home or in school. Why do
    these pots not get spoilt by the water?
    Ans: Because these pots are baked in Kiln.
  10. Long ago the people did not have any pots what did those
    people do?
    Ans: When people did not have pots they would have used leaves
    of plants to keep or store food and water.
  11. What are the steps involved in pot making?
    Ans: 1. Kneading: Collecting soil and preparing dough.
  12. Shaping: Shaping the dough using different ways.
  13. Drying: drying the pots in Sun.
  14. Baking: Baking the pots in kiln to make them stronger.
  15. Decorating: Decorating the pots using different colours and
  16. What is a kiln?
    Ans: Pots are baked in an oven called a kiln.
  17. Why do we dry a pot in the Sun and bake it on fire?
  18. Ans: Drying and baking makes the pot hard and strong.
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