Coronavirus COVID19 details & lockdown

Latest World Updates of COVID19 Infection

Latest Details of CORONA Infection in INDIA

Important Facts About Coronavirus COVID19

  • COVID-19 (coronavirus in particular) is a disease first discovered in Wuhan, China that is known as the cause of a respiratory outbreak.
  • Coronavirus spreads greatly to the world’s media, resulting in legitimate public fears about COVID-19 threats and an infodemic. Fear of the threats associated with this epidemic and the scale of the public health crisis has contributed to a substantial rise in people looking for information about what to do to contain and avoid the virus. Coronavirus COVID19 details & lockdown
  • Consumers are searching for advice on what to do online. All material, however, is not based on sound science. The lack of knowledge has contributed to misconceptions, misunderstandings and theories propagated by media that lack integrity in reporting on them. Despite the scientific community’s agreement that COVID-19 can no longer be cured, self-declared authorities and specialists on a variety of social networks remain prevalent and continue in the way that they defend themselves against or cure the virus.
  • Anything varies from the intake of bleach or antibacterial fluids at small doses to fear-making. Misinformation, misunderstandings and misconceptions can lead to negative effects for public health and hinder the adoption by leading public health experts of preventive measures based on facts. Coronavirus COVID19 details & lockdown

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