Online Education & Study Material Top Destinations

Online Education & Study Material Top Destinations

The Internet has a lot to offer whether you are five or ninety-five. The resources on the Internet are endless, particularly when the subject is education. It seems like today you can learn almost anything free online, but some of it is better than others, of course. The good news is that there are a lot of renowned places to learn free of charge online, and there are about a hundred sites to start you up.

At best, many high-quality sites are entirely free of charge. Excellent free online education is available on various websites having a wide variety of materials.Online Education & Study Material Top Destinations.

1. Coursera

coursera online learning

Your Course to Success

Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies

Official Website

The coolest thing about Internet learning is that you can take university classes that have only been available in the past for visitors who spent massive sums of money on prestigious colleges. Courera puts together many of these programs, offering almost 400 courses from introduction to guitar from Berklee College of Music to constitutional law from Yale. Coursera offers many courses.

2. Khan Academy

For every student,
every classroom.
Real results.

We’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

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Housed in over 3000 videos, Khan Academy is a wonderful place to learn, from satellite preparation to cosmology, art history to calculus. For easy learning to suit your schedule, the comprehensive courses are split into smaller sections of text or videos and are all self-paced so you can spend as little or as much time with this topic as you want.

Even if you want more details or if anything is not clear in your lessons, you can leave comments or ask questions.

3. OpenCourseWare

The Open Education Consortium

Official Website

The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a worldwide initiative to make instructional materials accessible on the Web free of charge at student and university level. Check for a particular subject you are interested in, or search for the source of the coursework by language (20 are available).

There are over 5000 classes in English alone, from mathematical thermodynamics (the Middle East Technical University) to South African History (Cape Town University) to Creola Language and Culture (Notre Dame University).

4. MIT Open Courseware

Moving the Classroom to Online

A guide to teaching anywhere at MIT»

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If you always wanted to go to a renowned school such as the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts, now you can do the best by taking many of its free classes at your own time from home. The MIT Open Courseware website publishes course materials from various departments.

You will be able to find the textbook, the course schedule and readings, assignments and the student materials when the course is initially taught and by whom. You can download the training materials and work at your own speed via the tutorial. Online Education & Study Material Top Destinations

5. Doubtnut


Doubt?Get Physics, Chemistry, MathsBiology Solutions

Official Website

Awesome Solutions : Doubtnut will provide you video solutions that will blow all your doubts away – Always!

Best In Class Experts : No matter where you are you will have access to the best in class subject matter experts! : Instant Solution : Get an awesome video solution Instantly – within seconds!

Browse All Videos : Browse thousands of other video solutions for your class – we keep adding new videos every day! Online Education & Study Material Top Destinations


online learning NEPTEL

Official Website

The National Technology Enhanced Learning Programs is an initiative funded by IIT Madras and other IIT institutions through the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, the government of India. The main aim of the project is to make recorded lectures taught online for open access by its member institutes.

7. Spoken Tutorial

Spoken-Tutorial, online learning

Official Website

IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Program

This training takes place via the distance learning mode in the computer laboratory. Including speakers as MOOCs for realistic study, the university accepts

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