Teaching Learning Process Multiple Type Questions

1. A student centric class is where:

Learning is a constant process

Teacher is a catalyst

Students observe, reflect and think critically

All of the above

2. Which of the following is false?

The main role of the present-day teacher is not only as an information-giver.

Constant process of learning is equally important for teachers and students.

A Teacher has to take charge of students’ learning.

A student learns through critical reflection and contextualisation.

3. Which of the following negates the idea of a student-centric classroom?

Conduct activities through which students can brainstorm.

The students should be motivated to just remember the standardised syllabus.

Make students active participants.

The students should be encouraged to speak their mind.

4. Which of the following options is a role or responsibility of a teacher?

Let the students discover their individuality.

Help the students appreciate differences.

Dissemination of value-based knowledge

All of the above.

5. A teacher should be aware of cultural prejudices and restrain from perpetuating them in the classroom. This attitude ensures an …………………learning environment.




All of the above

6. Which of the following is not a teacher’s shortcoming in a classroom?

Excessive Emotional involvement with students

Time constraint



7. What is constructive feedback?

Straightaway pointing out the mistakes of students

Polite and beating around the bush

Stirring students to realise and comprehend their mistakes

Be quite about students’ mistakes

8. Flipped Classroom is just a new name for the traditional classroom.



9. Assessment should not be in terms of:

Degree of understanding of the content and its relevance,

Knowledge gained

Just standardised tests

Skills acquired

10. Which of the following is not a responsibility of teachers?

Time-table making

Social Exclusion


Assessment and Accreditation of their institutions.

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