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सामवेद संहिता

Samaveda is a music-oriented song. The ancient Aryans used to sing and sing. The Samaveda is the smallest of the four Vedas in terms of size and all of the Rigveda except for 79 of its 175 mantras. Only 14 mantras are found of Atharvaveda and Yajurveda. Nevertheless, it has the highest reputation, one of the reasons for this is that Krishna says Vedanam Samaveedosmi in the Gita.

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अथर्ववेद संहिता

The Atharvaveda Samhita, the fourth Veda of the holiest Vedas of Hinduism, is the Samhita i.e. the mantra part of the Atharvaveda. This Veda is also called Brahma Veda. Along with praising the gods, it also has mantras of medicine, science and philosophy.

It has been said about the Atharvaveda Samhita that the king whose scholar who knows Atharvaveda remains unconcerned in the act of peace, continues to grow unrestrained without disturbing the nation: God first gave knowledge of Atharvaveda to Maharishi Angira, then Maharishi Angira gave that knowledge to Brahma. Yesya Ragno Janapade Atharva Shantiparag: Nivasatyapi Tadararashtra vardhteenirupadravam … (Atharva 0-1/32/3). ‘Ye Trishapta: Parianti’ is the first mantra of the Atharvaveda.

Vedas Free eBooks

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Rigveda: – Sanatana is the earliest source of religion. There are 10 mandals, 1024 suktas and 10824 mantras, there are some differences among scholars regarding the number of mantras. Gods have been praised in mantras. It has chants to invoke the gods in the yajna. This is the first Veda.

The Rigveda is considered by historians to be one of the first yet available works of the Indo-European language family. It is one of the first texts of the world whose recognition in some form remains in the society till date. It is a major Hindu religious text.

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The Yajurveda is an important Shruti scripture of Hinduism and one of the four Vedas. It has prose and verse mantras for the actual process of yajna. It is one of the four holiest major texts of Hinduism and is often considered the second Veda after the Rigveda – it contains 43 mantras of the Rigveda. Nevertheless, it is considered different from the Rigveda as the Yajurveda is primarily a prose book.

The prose chants called in Yajna are called “Yajus”. The Yajurveda poetic mantras are derived from the Agveda or the Atharvaveda. There are very few independent poetic mantras among them. The Yajurveda has two branches: the Krishna Yajurveda practiced in South India and the Shukla Yajurveda branch practiced in North India. Vedas Free eBooks

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